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American Choral Directors' Society 

Founded in 1959, the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) is a professional organization serving choral directors in schools, religious organizations, and communities through workshops, symposia, publications, choral program exchanges, international efforts, and especially through its conventions. Its official purposes are:
To foster and promote choral singing, which will provide artistic, cultural, and spiritual experiences for the participants.
To foster and promote the finest types of choral music to make these experiences possible.
To foster and encourage rehearsal procedures conducive to attaining the highest possible level of musicianship and artistic performance.
To foster and promote the organization and development of choral groups of all types in schools and colleges.
To foster and promote the development of choral music in the church and synagogue.  
To foster and promote the organization and development of choral societies in cities and communities.
To foster and promote understanding of choral music as an important medium of contemporary artistic expression.
To foster and promote significant research in the field of choral music.
To foster and encourage choral composition of superior quality.
To cooperate with all organizations dedicated to the development of musical culture in America
To foster and promote international exchange programs involving performing groups, conductors, and composers.
To disseminate professional news and information about choral music.
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