The Catholic University of America

Professional Expectations for CUA Music Education Students

Teaching is a profession. In order for teachers to be regarded as such, it is especially important for the new student teacher/intern to dress and behave in a professional manner at all times when visiting area schools.
The following are considered to be inappropriate professional dress and therefore should not be worn by any student, whether you are in the school during observations and/or senior internships. (Student teaching):
A.)   Jeans on any school day when there are students or parents in the building. This includes pre and post planning days.
B.)   Jeans/shorts should not be worn during pre or post planning days. “Casual” means khaki or something similar.
C.)   “Tee” shirts
D.) Tight fitting or revealing clothing (see through fabrics, low necklines, short skirts, shorts, short dresses, bare midriffs, and skin-tight leggings with short top).
E.)   Flip-flops, tennis or other athletic-type shoes
F.)   Hats or caps of any kind.
It is expected that all interns are well groomed and have impeccable hygiene.
Suggestions for appropriate dress in the schools are listed below:
WOMEN: Blazers, blouses, slacks, vests, sweaters, conservative length dresses and skirts, conservative jewelry, and comfortable shoes.
MEN: Blazers, ‘dress’ slacks, ties, collar-type shirts, sweaters, comfortable shoes.

Reminder: You are an invited guest in the classroom and you should refrain from any of the following: criticism of peers, supervisors, principals, or teachers; whining, blaming, complaining, laziness, procrastination, spreading of rumors, accusations, or expectations of favors…and sharing of inappropriate personal information with students (including friending PK-12 public, private, or parochial school students on Facebook.)