The Catholic University of America


The music education program of The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music is committed to developing excellent musicians who teach well. We encourage students to achieve the highest standards of musical performance and understanding. We also provide a strong theoretical and practical foundation in the field of music education, enabling students to acquire the finest teaching skills. We work hard to develop teachers who strive for excellence, because the children they teach deserve the very best.  

Both in and out of the classroom, the CUA music education program provides the framework for developing excellent musicians who teach well. Through a combination of music, music education, general education, and liberal studies courses, students can obtain the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become certified in music education. Through a wide range of opportunities both within the Catholic University community and in the greatest DC area, students gain important real-world experiences that enable them to become successful teachers. These experiences include opportunities in public schools, private schools, Catholic schools, and charter schools. We seek to prepare students for the real requirements and rigors of certified music teaching, as well as exploring novel ways to offer and deliver music instruction in other emerging locations for instruction and service.



“What do good teachers have in common?”

What good teachers have in common is ordinary common sense.

They have thoughtful minds.  They have open hearts.  They are morally awake.

They have a lively sense of humor...They have vitality, and goodness of being,

and they are just sensitive, decent people.

                                                           -Robert Coles, Harvard University Professor