The Catholic University of America

Procedure for Assigning Student Teacher Candidates

Step #1: Music Program Coordinator meets with the county music supervisors in order to obtain allotment approval and recommendations in identifying music teacher specialists and who are qualified to accept CUA student teachers and who are within a reasonable proximity to either the school or where the student lives.
Step #2: Student teacher candidates are guided and encouraged to observe and meet potential cooperating teachers. Names are vetted and shared with county coordinators and contacts with desired schools are formally made. 
Step #3: When school permission is confirmed, specific music teachers are contacted by the music program coordinator for personal/informal interviews and class observations, to determine if teaching philosophy and methodology are congruent with the music education program’s mission. (Teacher recommendations are requested with regard to colleagues for future prospective partnerships.)
Step #4: After interviews and observations, the CUA program coordinator and the potential cooperating teachers determine if the student teacher applicant’s experience and schedule allow for a placement. 
Step #5: Students arrive at their respective schools to meet and interview the music specialist and then to stay for a number of classes. They will complete pertinent forms with regard to what they specifically observed and, potentially, in what activities they participated.
Step #6: Music program coordinator and student meet to determine if placement is agreeable and suitable to student's needs.